Ethereum Reaches New High: 15.9 Million ETH Now Staked!

• Ethereum (ETH) total value staked has surpassed 15.9 million.
• The total number of ETH staked has reached a new all-time high, accounting for more than 13% of the total ETH supply.
• Staking Inflow Total chart and New Depositors chart reveal some intriguing findings, with higher stake inflow than December of the prior year overall.

Ethereum (ETH) has seen a surge in value staked recently, surpassing 15.9 million. According to Crypto Quant, over 15.9 million ETH have been staked on the Ethereum Beacon Chain, representing more than 13% of the total ETH supply. This is an astonishing feat, given that it has only been two years since the launch of Ethereum’s staking contract in 2020, when the network’s proof-of-stake Beacon Chain was introduced.

Furthermore, closer inspection of several other charts, such as the Staking Inflow Total chart and the New Depositors chart, revealed some intriguing findings. The documented staking influx increased significantly at the beginning of the week, reaching over 69,000, which was the highest level since November 2022. January had a higher stake inflow than December of the prior year overall, which is a sign of continued activity and interest in staking ETH.

Given the high value staked and the consistent activity, it appears that Ethereum is on the right track to becoming a secure and reliable blockchain network. The increasing value staked is a testament to the trust that users have placed in the Ethereum network, and it is likely that more ETH will continue to be staked as the network continues to mature. In addition, the increasing influx of new depositors is a sign of the growing confidence in the network, and further validates Ethereum’s place as a leading blockchain platform.